Exhibitions at the Public Art Centre take place in our Gallery ONE, TWO and THREE. Tours are free of charge and can be organized in advance for school and community groups. For more information please see Education Programs.


Current Exhibition

Robert Ruby

The Mechanics of Meaning

April 15 to June 3, 2023

Gallery One and Two

Artist Reception May 6, 2023 1-3pm
''The Mechanics of Meaning' is an exhibition of mixed media art including many assemblages, and to varying degrees all works represent a personal post-concussive study of a decades-long journey through life with an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury). Also known as 'The Invisible Injury', for an ABI survivor to try and explain their new sense of normal to people can be compared to trying to nail a hunk of Jello to an orange tree; largely fruitless. That considered, the intention with 'The Mechanics of Meaning' is to 'visually' showcase the issues, experiences, challenges and the mechanics of navigating through life with an ABI.



Cultivated Landscapes: Reflections of Nature in Elgin County  

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Gallery One and Two

June 10 to July 22, 2023

The "Cultivated Landscapes: Reflections of Nature in Elgin County" exhibition is a unique showcase of artwork from the permanent collection that highlights the beauty and complexity of the local landscapes in Elgin County. The exhibition explores themes such as lost landscapes and farmland, providing an opportunity for visitors to reflect on the impact of human intervention on the natural world.

The artworks featured in the exhibition are created by a variety of local artists, each offering their own unique perspective on the relationship between humans and the environment. Through a range of mediums, including painting and drawing, the artists explore the ways in which the natural world has been shaped by human activity.

One of the key themes of the exhibition is the loss of natural landscapes and farmland due to urbanization and other human activities. Through their artwork, the artists reflect on the impact of these changes, both positive and negative, on the local environment and the people who live and work there.

While some may see the loss as a negative consequence of progress and development, others may argue that it is necessary for economic growth and sustainability. The exhibition encourages visitors to consider both sides of the debate and to engage in critical reflection on the complex relationship between humans and the natural world

Artists included in the exhibition: William St. Thomas Smith, Kim Clow, Ross Reverdy Osgood, Patrick Landsley, Gerald Pedros, Carolyn Curtis, Jeff Wilmore, Robin Baratta, Ron Kingswood and many more.


In View of the Artist

Annual Juried Exhibition

Gallery One and Two

July 23 to September 9, 2023

Application deadline: July 15, 2023 at 4pm



The "In View of the Artist Annual Juried Exhibition" is an art exhibition that celebrates the creative vision of artists by showcasing their unique perspectives on the world. The exhibition is open to a variety of artistic styles and mediums, and features works that reflect the artist's personal view of reality, whether it is real or imagined.

The exhibition is designed to encourage artists to express their individuality and creativity, and to share their unique point of view with the world. The works on display may include realistic depictions of the world as the artist sees it, or they may be abstract or surreal interpretations of the world around us.

The beauty of the exhibition lies in the fact that there are no restrictions on the subject matter or style of the artwork. Artists are free to explore and express their unique vision in whatever way they choose. This means that visitors to the exhibition can expect to see a wide variety of works that reflect the diversity of artistic expression.

Ultimately, the "In View of the Artist Annual Juried Exhibition" celebrates the power of art to capture and communicate the individual perspective of the artist, through the works on display.