Call For Applicants


The St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre is  home for the visual arts for the St. Thomas and Elgin County region.  We  are seeking candidates from the St. Thomas and Elgin County region to serve on its Board of Directors.

Join our team of dedicated and ambitious Board members, staff and volunteers – experience the legacy and shape the future of visual arts and culture in the region.

Help us tell the story of our community’s evolution through art and contribute in creating a positive vision for our city’s future. You will be shaping a sustainable and innovative institution that is a positive economic contributor for our region.

Our mission:  The mission of the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre is to encourage and promote an appreciation for and support the practice of the visual arts in St. Thomas and Elgin County through a variety of exhibitions and educational programs and through the preservation of a permanent collection.   

You will experience:

  • A welcoming engagement with art in a cultural destination that you will want to share with friends and family
  • A shared sense of pride in the cultural contributions of artists from our region
  • A professional group of Board colleagues and Gallery management who are passionate about the STEPAC and its leadership in many aspects of the arts in our region.

Term: 3 Years with re-election potential of two additional 3-year terms (maximum 9-year term)

2 Years with re-election potential of two additional 3-year terms (maximum 6-year term)

1 Years with re-election potential of two additional 3-year terms (maximum 3-year term)

Yearly Commitment: 9 Board meetings a year (1 1/2 hours each held every third Tuesday of the month) and one Annual General Meeting in addition to serving on at least one committee (committee meetings are 90 minutes to two hours and they meet  as required).

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About STEPAC’s Board and Your Commitment

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders who believe art and culture are an essential part of belonging and a building block for the society we want.

The Board’s responsibilities include the governance and oversight and monitoring of:

  •  Organizational performance
  • Annual operating and capital budget and results
  • Strategic risk management
  • Acting as a sounding board and support to the ED

Board members will be required to:

  • Be members in good standing of the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, when nominated
  • Work as part of a team and to respect others
  • Demonstrate high ethical standards and integrity, act on and remain accountable for Board decisions, meet the accountabilities outlined in the law and in by-laws of the Board, seeing oneself as serving the interest of the Public Art Centre
  • Read and understand financial statements and the organization’s financial performance, including the ability to assess the financial impact (whether internal or external) of a decision or circumstance
  • Be aware of the impact of organizational issues, policies, and decisions; be capable of being sensitive to diverse perspectives
  • Provide wise, thoughtful counsel, analyze and consider various scenarios, understand situations and problems by addressing underlying issues
  • Understand the inherent risks in non-profit organizations and integrate the management of risk into the organization’s planning, decision-making, and reporting mechanisms
  • See the big picture, ask relevant and probing questions at the strategic level, challenge management’s assumptions when needed, and differentiate between governance and management responsibilities
  • Understand and be willing to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Board of Directors
  • Be willing to mentor and/or be mentored by fellow Board members
  • Support the vision, mission and values of the Public Art Centre
  • Devote the time and effort necessary to fully participate in the governance of the organization
  • Contribute personal expertise to further the aims of the organization
  • Participate fully on Board committees, as assigned