Welcome to the 2023 Fall Art Auction.  Below you will find the sealed bid/on-line portion of our new Fall Auction. 

This year the auction will consist of three ways to participate.  Sealed bid, silent auction and the live auction. 

To view all the artwork available please drop by the Art Centre for the silent and live auction component. 

Online bidding closes November 2 at 4:00pm.  The  artwork will also be available in the live auction with the minimum online bid becoming

the starting bid the evening of the  event.   

EVENT DATE!  Friday November 3, 2023   7-11:30pm

We are thrilled to announce that the proceeds from our upcoming art auction will directly support the mission of the Public Art Centre.  This exciting event not only

provides art enthusiasts with the opportunity to acquire stunning artworks but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of our beloved art institution.

The Public Art Centre is dedicate to bringing art to the public, fostering creativity, and enriching our community through exhibitions, educational programs and community outreach initiatives.  By attending our art auction and bidding on the exceptional artworks generously donated by local and renowned artists, you are diretly supporting these important endeavors.

Tickets are available now for $20 per person.  to purchase your ticket please give the art centre a call  External link opens in new tab or window519 6314040

To make an online bid please use this form:



I agree to pay "if successful" the bid amount included below   check here 

Shipping is additional. 

Please indicate the following:

Lot #1

John MacGregor Untitled 1999
acrylic on canvas
30””x36” image
Minimum bid: $100

Lot #2
Jeffrey Suchak Primitive
Platinum Palladium Print
13 3/4”x17” image
Minimum Bid: $50

Lot #3
Antje Laidler The View from Here VIII
pastel on paper
30”x32” frame
Minimum bid: $100

Lot #4
Emmi Coburn Untitled #8
acrylic on canvas
51" x 33" image
Minimum bid $50

Lot #5

Ron Kingswood Untitled 2011
mixed media on canvas
36”x28” image
Minimum bid $200

Lot #6

Elizabeth Kusinski  Lunch Break
oil on canvas
12”x12” image
Minimum bid $50

Lot #7

Louise Chapman Young Man
11" x 14" image
Minimum bid $50

Lot #8

Reagan Little Untitled
24" x 15" image size
Minimum bid $50

Lot #9

William St. Thomas Smith Untitled
6 1/2”x11 3/4” image
minimum bid $50

Lot #10

Marion Dickson Untitled
oil on board
12”x16” frame
Minimum bid $50

Lot #11

Ed Zelenak Ra’s Voyage #2
Gouache on paper
9 3/4”x6 1/4” image
Minimum bid $200

Lot #12

John W.H. Watts McLarens Mill
17”x15” frame
Minimum bid $150

Lot #13

Tony Urquhart Studies of an open box
Frame 16”x20” frame
Minimum bid 200

Lot #14

Dennis Kalichuk Earth Tones
watercolour on paper
23”x16” image size 
Minimum bid 50

Lot #15

Alexander S Millar Untitled
24"x 36" image
Minimum bid $200

Lot #16

Jeff Wilmore Distant Home
oil on panel
7”x7” image
Minimum bid $100

Lot #17

Robin Grindley Lemons
oil on canvas
14”x14” image
Minimum Bid $50

Lot #18

William Roberts North of Milton
13 3/8”x20 3/4”
Minimum bid $100

Lot #19

John Miller Untitled Sunflowers
acrylic on board
36”x48” image size
Minimum bid $100

Lot #20

Marcel Bellerive Barbe Grise
20" x 26" image
Minimum bid $100

Lot #21

Tilde Peterson Flowers
acrylic on board
30”x24” image
Minimum bid $50

Lot #22

Louise Chapman Untitled
11" x 12 1/2" image
Minimum bid $50

Lot #23

Clark McDougall  St.James Church
23”x18” image size
Minimum bid 100

Lot #24

Jean Paul Riopelle Jute V
Minimum bid $1000

Lot #25

Laura Woermke. Springfield Road
acrylic on board
25”x37” frame
Minimum bid $200

Lot #26

Klaas Verboom Elora Gorge circa 1996
oil on paper
22" x 14"
Minimum bid $200