Linda Armstrong 

 Linda Armstrong ( Ecolam) is a full-time fibre artist who works in felt and ecoprint making. Felt making is the oldest and first form of textile production created by rolling and pressing wool fibres with the application of moisture and heat.  Ecoprinting allows for Linda to connect with the world around her and the variables that 'mother nature' brings to the process. Ecoprinted works incorporate natural plant dyes, resulting in patterns, connecting one to a sense of time and place. Linda uses plants which are garden-grown or foraged locally with an emphasis on native North American plants. Her felted objects of art often include vintage silks, beads and stone embellishments resulting in surprisingly colourful and textured works.


Joel Berry

St. Thomas based artist working in mixed media and acrylic paint. 


Julie Berry

Julie Berry received a B.S. in communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an M.F.A. in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College. Her novels include The Amaranth Enchantment, Secondhand Charm, the Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys series, The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place, and The Passion of Dolssa. All the Truth That's In Me received the 2014 Silver Inky award, the Whitney Award for YA, and the Westchester Fiction Prize


Andrea Bodo

Andrea Bodo works in acrylic paint on panel.  Her structured images become light and friendly with the use of her palette and playful lines. 


Terry Carroll

Raised on a farm in Elgin County in southwestern Ontario, Terry Carroll graduated from Trent University and worked as a farm hand, sod farm manager, newspaper publisher in Alberta and Ontario, and United Way manager in Elgin. With his wife, Nancy, he resides in St. Thomas, Ontario, where he works as Executive Director of Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation.


Catherine Craig

Located in Elgin County’s northeast is the small, scenic town of Belmont, home to Catherine Craig’s rustic working studio filled with her original clay artwork, sketches and sculptures. A professional visual artist with more than 40 years experience, she values community empowerment and storytelling - the hallmarks of her work. Catherine is a partner in the Art Gallery of Lambeth and has exhibited in many galleries across Southern Ontario in both group and solo exhibitions. A graduate of the University of Windsor’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program, she has also offered private lessons to aspiring Arts, Entertainment and Recreation for more than 30 years. Catherine’s work transcends craft and hobby; it is a lifetime commitment fueled by passion and dedication.


Pat Curtis

Pat Curtis a long standing member of the External link opens in new tab or windowPort Stanley Artist Guild and External link opens in new tab or windowPortside Gallery.  She known for her wide ranging styles and mediums.  Her jewellery pieces mimic playfulness with her use of natural materials.


Kellen De Vos

Hey There! I’m Kellen De Vos, Creative Director & Founder of Out There Creative Therapy. Not only through my recovery journey with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but also throughout my entire life, I have found being creative a need. Even when I took ill, I never stopped being creative. I found through recovery programs and my travels that other people who were suffering had similar interests that kept them going.

When I accepted my illness, took my meds, gave up unprescribed drugs and reduced my alcohol intake, I found that creativity could also be used as a path to a great life.

It was then I decided to start Out There Creative Therapy; a non-profit organization that provides creative activities, productions and events for people affected by mental illness, their families and community.

While we do not offer clinical therapy, we believe that the experiences we provide lead to healthier and happier lives not only for those affected by mental illness, but for all people! Out There wants to offer these experiences to people at little to no cost. Anyone is encouraged to get involved and participate!

We are Out There! External link opens in new tab or windowContact us to get involved in any of our programs, productions or events because we know that no matter who you are . . .

You're OUT THERE too!



Christopher Golding

Christopher Golding was born and raised in St. Thomas ON.  He is an energetic emerging artist that uses a variety of mediums including paint, ink, marker, and spray paint to create his street styled creations.  He creates paintings on canvas, vinyl records, spray painted murals and he also paints windows for local businesses.  you can find many examples of his work throughout the street of St. Thomas and Southwestern Ontario. You can find him External link opens in new tab or windowhere.



Heather Keating

Heather Keating is one of our long standing adult art instructions and an artist from St. Thomas.   She is known for her water colour and mixed media paintings.  She creates local landscapes and those from around the world inspired by her travels.  She is a member of the Port Stanley Artist Guild and the St. Thomas Artist Guild.



Terry Lanning

Terry  Lanning is a wood turner from St. Thomas.   He joined the Thames Valley Wood Turners Guild in 2004 after his retirement.   Working with wood is a family passion his father was a carpenter and brother who carves.  His pens are made from wood, acrylics and many other unique materials such as antler.   He has created over 500 pens under his company name Heritage Pens.  He is active in the community as a volunteer and often donates his work to local  groups to raise funds.



Ethel Mitrovic

Ethel Mitrovic is St. Thomas artist, born in Thunder Bay once she retired from her job as a practical nurse at the Elgin General Hospital, she  then began her artistic career. She started her artistic career with a few classes in pottery, first at Hutton House and then at the London Potters Guild. Ethel hand builds with slabs of clay to make her sculptures and pottery.



Katherine Medlyn

Medlyn Stained Glass: Established in 1996 and is located in downtown St. Thomas, Medlyn's takes pride in their quality craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind finishing touches and customer satisfaction. Each piece created is hand drawn and uniquely crafted to meet their customers individual needs. From beautiful lamps and sun catchers to mosaic items, visit the studio and see Medlyn's artists at work, providing services including restoration to lead pieces, sandblasting, and a variety of supplies. Medlyn’s also makes fine jewellery created by their gold and silver smith who has over 40 years experience.



Crystal McMaster

Crystal McMaster began designing and creating unique, high quality jewellery in 2005.  Her combined passion for art and design gave her the inspiration she needed to start her own business.  Crystal handcrafts each individual piece at her home studio in Thamesford Ontario.  Her Designer Jewellery Collection is crafted with a vibrant selection of natural stone, mother of pearl, glass, wood and crystals on a non-tarnish silver plate or nylon coated stainless steel chain.  Her jewellery is know for its modern, one of  kind, artisan qualities.  Specializing in a glamorous fusion of classic designs and trend setting collections her pieces are timeless. 


Judy Ross

Judy Ross: An artist living in St. Thomas ON and has over 25 years' experience as a photographer. “For the most part, I enjoy vivid colour, painting a variety of subject matter on varied surfaces, as well as incorporating texture into my work through the experimental use of mediums.  This allows me to visually feel the image as I see it; eyes and heart meeting so to speak. “ Her photographs are primarily landscape and convey mood with the effective use of lighting, composition and subject matter.  “My landscape, cityscape and abstract paintings express more of my complex nature and the love of experimentation.  This is no more evident than in my current series of dimensional "Wheat" paintings done in memory of my Father.” Judy Ross also creates fine jewellery often using Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and hand painted elements. 



Aganetha Sawatzky

Aganetha Sawatzky resides in St. Thomas.  She creates detailed acrylic and oil paintings and is known for her still life paintings ranging from deserts, fruit, and butterflies.  Aganetha has an eye for colour and fine details.  She creates modern still lives such as  her "Foil Scape" series where she arranges fruit on a aluminum foil background then photographs the still lives to use as her painting reference.  The foil reflects the colours of the fruit to create a beautifully fractured and abstract looking background.  She is a member of  the Port Stanley Artist Guild and the Brush and Pallet Club.



Joseph Sawicki

Hand crafted  pottery using earthenware and harvested surface clay from Kettle Creek, Joseph Sawicki fires the clay in electric kilns at low firing temperatures. Food safe glazes are used on pieces that are both decorative and functional. You can find more works by Joseph's work at External link opens in new tab or windowGathered in Sparta, ON.



Mary Louise White

Mary Louise White is based in St. Thomas in her home studio.  Working with glass, paint, or handmade papers, the intrigue for me lies in the process, the commitment to being fully present, fully engaged in the moment.  She embraces dualities: illusion and reality, light and shadow, stillness and movement, structure and spontaneity. Compositions often refer to inner landscapes, juxtaposed ideas, and the poetry of being.  



Peter Bloch-Hansen

Peter Bloch-Hansen Artist Bio Growing up in London, ON, Peter moved to Toronto in 1981 where he began woodcarving, mainly in science fiction and fantasy themes. H was a regular exhibitor at Toronto’s Star Trek convention, one of North America’s largest. In 2015, he moved to St Thomas where an addition to art carvings, he produces hand-made wooden spoons and bowls of various kinds and sizes which he offers for sale as “usable art” at St Thomas’ annual Arts Crawl and various other regional shows. Peter anticipates soon offering his work online.